Medium Marimo Moss Ball (1”) (3 Pack) (US Only)


Ready to get your tank prettified? Let’s deck the walls with this gorgeous trio of marimo buddies to add some life to your tank!

This pack of triplets are all about 1” in size and offer enough green to fill a small aquarium. They’re perfect for Betta tanks or bunched together for larger aquariums- like a standard 10G!

They’ll float to the top depending on water conditions, temperature, and feeding time. At first, they’ll likely float until they get saturated with water. Then they’ll sink. Watch out below!

Actual size may and will vary. They’ll likely have shrunk when you receive them, but plop them in the water and they’ll restore in size. This process takes a few days. They’ll also turn into a dark green and healthy color once they adapt to your water conditions.

Shipping is free for anywhere in the United States. This product pack was created just for US residents who want the 3-pack marimos, but want them FASTER! Depending on your location, shipping will take anywhere from 2-6 days. Please allow time for delivery.

  • Checked for wholesomeness
  • Approximately 1.0-1.5” in diameter
  • Sourced direct from natural lakes overseas, then imported here to the US
  • Perfect for smaller to medium sized tanks
  • Pack of 3 natural, genuine Marimos
  • 30-day happiness guarantee
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the US

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