Marimo Starter Kit (16 Ounce Mason Jar) (1″ Moss Ball) (US Only)


(Product image is NOT representative of the actual jar you’ll receive- you’ll get a traditional jar with aquarium rocks. This picture was a sample of what’s possible!)

No aquarium? No problem!

Get a signature mason jar with one of our medium (1 inch) moss balls and a scoop of aquarium rocks to go with it.

It’s one of those things you always see in those pretty pictures all over the ‘net.

You know- the moss ball in the jar with the water, pebbles, and all that zen.

(And possibly a stick or so.)

This “starter kit” is perfect for someone wants to own a marimo moss ball without having to buy an aquarium to go along with it. Perfect for desktop setups when you need a little relaxation in your life to de-stress. Also makes a beautiful gift.

  • Marimo checked for wholesomeness
  • Approximately 0.75-1.0” in diameter
  • Sourced direct from natural lakes overseas, then imported here to the US
  • Complete moss ball kit with a 16-ounce glass mason jar, aquarium pebbles, and a marimo (lid included)
  • 30-day happiness guarantee
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the US

What’s included:

  • 1 genuine authentic moss ball (1 inch)
  • Scoop of aquarium pebbles (0.5 pounds)
  • Glass mason jar with lid (16 ounces)

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