Small Marimo Moss Ball (0.5”) (3-Pack) (US Only)

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The perfect trio of Marimos to kick off your aquarium!

These gorgeous moss balls will be the main attraction of your betta, shrimp, or fish tank. (Sorry fish.)

Place them next to each other, stacked, or spread ’em out!

Each Marimo will measure about 0.5″, which is just enough to add some green to the tank without taking too much away.

Actual size WILL vary. When you receive it, it’ll likely have shrunk due to dehydration. They also may be flattened. Simply mold it back into a sphere and plop it into some tank water. After you submerge it in your tank, it should restore in size and get that lush green look we all crave!

This item is available for US residents only. Shipping is free and will take about 3-6 days.

  • Checked for wholesomeness
  • 0.5” diameter (approximate)
  • Sourced from overseas from approved vendors
  • Perfect for small or medium tanks
  • Pack of 3 small Marimos
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Free, fast shipping!

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1 review for Small Marimo Moss Ball (0.5”) (3-Pack) (US Only)

  1. Jessss

    Cute lil buggers. They look best when placed next to a dark decor like a ship or rock to really bring out the color. Arrived in 3 days. They were flat when they came out, but i did what they suggested and “molded” them back into shape. I actually left one of them more flat so there’s more variety in the sizing (more natural look). Very lush and green just like the pic =]. Rob was also very help in answering my questions before i bought them. Thanks again guys!!

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